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Using an editing app like Alight Motion makes it easier for you to edit videos, it also makes the long editing session much relaxing. There are three different version of Alight motion, one for Android, second for iOS and then for PC. The advantages that come with using it on a PC are comfortable workspace, bigger screen and more processing power. In this blog we will discuss all about Alight Motion for PC so, without further ado let’s get into it.

Alight Motion for PC
App NameAlight Motion for PC
DeveloperMatthew Feinberg
GenreVideo and Photo Editor
Size319.5 MB
Latest VersionV18.39.1
Source – Google Play Store

What is Alight Motion for PC?

Alight Motion PC is the desktop version of the Alight Motion application that allows its user to edit their photos and videos utilizing the powerful AI algorithms it has in store for. The PC version of the Alight Motion allows the user to edit their photos and videos in bigger interface which makes the editing more easy. It utilizes AI technology to enhance or restore your photos and videos. Along with this you can do many more things with it, like, easily being able to import XML file, masking ability and many more useful and unique features just like this.

Features of Alight Motion for PC

Here we have discussed some of the Top Features of Alight Motion for PC, that are well popular among the users.

Vector Graphics

These are 3d images, which are available for you to use to give your animated videos a unique feel. There are presets available, but if you don’t like them, you can easily make a custom image and shape from the available options, and insert it in your video to make your videos standout.

Multiple Layers

Blending multiple layers of static photos and moving videos is crucial for giving your video a professional feel. This feature of Alight motion lets the user add as many layers as want and edit each layer separately, it makes the editing really easy.

With this feature of Alight Motion you can add multiple layers of customized texts. You get a vast collection of Fonts and Animations that you can use on your texts to make them look more alive and professional.

Transition Effects

Transition Effects gives your video a completely new look, as it enhances all the aspects of your video. Alight Motion offers you hundreds of Transition effects that you can use in your videos and make them look more stunning.

Export Options

Alight motion gives you the leverage to export in multiple formats that includes GIF, MP4, AVI and even image formats like JPEG and PNG.

Feeling overwhelmed with all the features? You can view our guides and tutorials specifically written on all these features so you can edit or create your own professional content without having any past experience.

How to download and install Alight Motion for PC?

Unfortunately, Alight Motion hasn’t officially launched its desktop application yet. But if you want to use this amazing app on your PC then you can easily install an android emulator in your device and then you can easily download and install Alight Motion on your PC.

Step 1: Download and Install an Emulator

First step is to download and install the Android Emulator on your PC.

1. Choose your Emulator: Open your browser on your PC and search for any emulator like BlueStacks, NoxPlayer or Andy.

2. Download the Emulator: After choosing your Emulator, Open their website and hit the ‘Download’ button, it is usually on the landing page.

3. Install the Emulator: After the file is downloaded, go to your downloads and click on the downloaded file a windows pop-up will appear click on ‘Install’ button to install it.

Step 2: Launch the Emulator

After installing, Now it’s time to Launch the Emulator.

1. Initial Setup: Open your emulator and go through your initial setup. It may take some time so do not be hasty.

2. Logging in: After the setup you may need to log in with a Google account but some emulators usually do not require it.

Step 3: Search and Download the Alight Motion app

Now it’s time to download the Alight Motion;

1. Search for the app: Now on the landing screen you will see a search bar, search for the app through it.

2. Select the app: After searching, you will see many resembling searches among them choose the Alight Motion.

3. Download the app: Click on the Alight Motion icon and on the following interface hit the ‘Download’ button.

Step 4: Launch the app

We are almost finished now;

1. Look for the app icon: Now you need to look for the app icon to run the app. All emulators have a section of ‘My apps’ you can open it from there or it may appear on the Launch screen.

2. Sign up or Sign in: After finding the app, open it and sign in your account. If you don’t have an account, Sign up.

Step 5: Start Editing 

You have successfully download the Alight Motion on your PC. So, now it’s time to start editing on a bigger screen and letting your imagination go wild.

Emulators for Alight Motion

There are a number of Emulators that offer Alight Motion. But as we have mentioned above BlueStacks, Nox Player and Andy. These are the Top Emulators that are used world wide. We will recommend you to use one of these Emulators or you can use Memu Player or Game Loop. Aside from these Emulators you can go for a popular Emulator that is well known. It is necessary as some unknown emulator may cause a threat to your PC.

System Requirements for Alight Motion on PC

Operating SystemWindows 7 or Above
RAM4GB or Higher
Storage SpaceMinimum 4GB
PermissionsCamera, Location, Wi-Fi, Photos, Phone Storage & Contacts


Yes, it is completely safe to use Alight Motion on your PC.

Yes, it is completely free to download and Alight Motion on PC. But if you want to use the Premium version then you have to subscribe to the Premium which costs some bucks.

No, you cannot use Alight Motion on your PC without any Emulator as there is no official version available for it.

It is really simple if there is any update available for Alight Motion your emulator will let you know and you can simply go to the Emulator Play store and update it from there. 

Final Words

So let’s wrap it up. Alight Motion is a wonderful app and if you want to maximize its productivity then what you need is a bigger screen, comfortable workspace and a powerful processor, your PC provides them all. In this blog we have discussed Alight Motion PC and how you can download it on your desktop. We hope you will find this blog helpful. If you want to read more amazing blogs like this then make sure to check our Blog page.

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