Alight Motion vs VN Video Editor: Ultimate comparison

Alight Motion vs VN Video Editor: this comparison is drawing a lot of attention from users. Don’t worry, we’ll provide an in-depth guide to help you choose the right editor for your specific needs. Nowadays, video editing has become an essential part of life. People can share their daily lifestyles and hobbies by uploading vlogs and other videos. Along with longer videos, short videos have also taken the world by storm on almost all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Alight Motion vs VN Video Editor

Now people can easily create and edit video and post them on various platform to show-case their talent and to increase their audience. There are various powerful and professional video editing apps on internet but, Alight Motion & VN Video Editor are two most popular apps available. Both of these apps offer us a wide range of editing tools and features.

In this article we will discuss pro and cons of Alight motion vs VN video editor, which will help you to decide the best app according to your needs.

Alight Motion

Alight Motion is very convenient, professional and powerful video editor which helps us to create various types of stunning and amazing animations and other creative features which helps us to create a professional video. Its editing tools are so convenient that they can be used by a person of any skill. It offers us any wonderful features like audio editing, Motion Graphics, masking, multiple layer selection and key-frame animation. Furthermore, you can also add multiple elements like image layers, text layers, sticker layers, and other graphics layers. We can also export our video to higher resolution including 4K resolution. And also, it is known for its desktop like interface which makes this app poplar for video editing.

alight motion features alight motion app

Features of Alight Motion

  • Video and Audio Editing
  • Chroma Key (Green Screen)
  • Visual Effects
  • Real-Time Preview
  • Multiple-Layer Support and Grouping
  • Transitions
  • Color adjustments and Corrections
  • Vector graphics and Bitmap Support
  • Frame-by-Frame Animations
  • Templates
  • Customizable Presets
  • Importing Fonts
  • Create GIF

VN Video Editor

VN Video Editor or you could say ‘Vlog Now Video Editor,’ is one of the best and most powerful video editor for smart phones. It is a user friendly and feature-rich platform which facilitates us with tons of features like adding animations, transitions, effects, filter and various graphics like images, text, typography and stickers on a single platform.

Furthermore, it allows us to merge clips, add background music, sound effects and audio extraction. Moreover, you can also create and edit viral short videos to post them on social media platforms to show-off your skills and to grow your audience. The best thing about this app is you can get this app on various platforms like Androids and iOS.

vn video editor features alight motion app

Features of VN Video Editor

  • Visual Effects
  • Trim and Merge Videos
  • Background Music
  • Template Library
  • Adding Text, Stickers and Emojies
  • Photo Editing
  • Voiceovers
  • Real-Time Preview
  • Color Correction
  • Audio Extraction
  • Filters and Effects
  • Chroma Key (Green Screen)
  • Music and Sounds Effects
  • Multi-Layer Editing
  • User-Friendly Interface

Mobile Compatibility

Both of these apps have their uniqueness and compatibilities. The comparison is given below:

Alight Motion

If we talk about the mobile compatibility of Alight Motion, it has a very user-friendly interface that gives the user a very interesting and professional experience in video editing. This app is officially available on both Android and iOS devices providing them with a huge variety of editing tools and features to enhance their editing capabilities. It has optimized touch controls along with an intuitive interface.

VN Video Editor

VN Editor is famous for editing short videos that can be uploaded and YT Shorts, Reels, and also as TikTok Videos. This app is also available on Android and iOS devices. Its mobile interface is very intuitive and gives a very wonderful experience to its users. VN Video Editor provides very convenient and efficient video editing solutions to users who want to prefer professional video editing on their mobile devices.

Alight Motion vs VN Video Editor: Key Differences

FeaturesAlight MotionVN Video Editor
PlatformsAndroid & iOSAndroid & iOS
AnimationsOffers various transitionsAdvanced and Professional templates with Customization
Visual EffectsExtensive Collection of EffectsHuge Variety of Visual Effects
Multi-Layer EditingYesYes
Audio EditingYesYes
Real-Time PreviewProvides real-time previewReal-time preview with customization
TransitionsLimited TransitionsHuge Variety of Transitions
Green ScreenYesYes
TemplatesLimitedVarious Built-in Templates

Alight Motion vs VN Video Editor: Pros and Cons

Now, we will talk about the pros and cons of these two apps i.e., Alight motion and VN Video Editor to determine the winner in the ‘Alight Motion vs VN Video Editor’ showdown.

Pros & Cons of Alight Motion


  • Feature-Rich Platform
  • You can have full access of advanced animations
  • You can manage Multiple layers at a single time
  • Professional Level Tools
  • You have full access to wide range of visual effects
  • Vector and Bitmaps Support
  • Audio Control
  • Chroma key Animations
  • Multiple Export Options


  • Difficult to Learn Curves
  • Limited templates Available
  • Limited Filters and Effects
  • Poor Audio Editing
  • Limited tools in free version

Pros & Cons of VN Video Editor


  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interface
  • Basic and Professional editing tools
  • Real-Time Preview
  • Stability
  • Transitions, effects and filters
  • Green Screen
  • Text and typography


  • Limited Advanced Features
  • Watermark in Free Version
  • Only Available in Smart Phones
  • Less Suitable for Long-Term Videos


That’s it for this article on Alight Motion vs VN video editor. In conclusion, Alight Motion and VN Video Editor are two both very powerful video editing software which are available on android devices. These apps allow user to create and edit professional looking videos just by using mobile devices. In short, Alight Motion is best for creating and adding animations to your videos and also you can edit audios by using this app.

On the other hand, VN Video editor is best and suitable for editing vlogs and short videos to which is very suitable for social media content creators and vloggers. You can add effects, transitions and filters in your videos on a single platform. Now it’s up to you, you have to select that app that completely meets your requirements.

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