How to Reverse video in Alight Motion? An Easy 4-Step Guide

Reverse video in Alight motion is a unique feature. Alight Motion has many features, one of which includes the unique ability to reverse a video. Reversing a video is a very interesting way of editing a video. It flips the whole perspective of the video on its head and provides the user with a completely new view of the video.

reverse video in alight motion

Reversing feature, however, is a very idiosyncratic feature, as most of the photo and video editors on smartphones don’t have it. Alight Motion, however, unlike many other photos and video editors possesses this ability and many other distinctive ones like adding transitions, masking and importing XML files.

Steps to Reverse Video in Alight Motion:

However, if you are using it for the first time or haven’t used it on a mobile video and photo editor before, you may face some difficulties while using it. That is precisely why we have provided you with a step-by-step guide on how to use this amazing and solitary feature on Alight Motion. Just follow these steps and you will achieve the result you want or even more.

Step 1 Firstly open the Alight Motion app (Download it on Android, through Apple Store or on your PC by following our simples guides) and find the video you want to reverse.

Step 2 – After you have chosen a video, some options will appear there. From there, click on ‘Layer Properties.’

Step 3After this, look on the top half of your screen, you will be able to find a button that’s called Reverse, click on it.

Step 4 – Once you tap on it, it will take up to a few seconds and after that your video will start playing in reverse, giving your video a fresh and interesting look.


Video reversal and many other lone features just like this are what sets Alight Motion apart from all the other photo and video editors. We have provided you with all the necessary steps you would need to take to use this fantastic offering that Alight Motion has to provide. This will surely give your video a very stupefying and subgeneric look, which no other video and photo editor on smartphones can provide.

For more guides like this one, visit out guides & tutorial page and read our latest guides to stay updated on new and unique features of Alight Motion.

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