Alight Motion vs CapCut: The best comparison you can ever find

When it comes to video editing, there are too many video editing apps which are available for us. The most popular apps for video editing are Alight Motion vs CapCut. Both of these apps are professional apps for video editing that can be used on smartphones. Are you confused about choosing the right app for your video editing? You don’t need to worry about this.
In this article, we will systematically compare CapCut and alight motion.

alight motion vs capcut

Alight Motion

Alight Motion is a professional editing app that can be used for both audio and video editing. In addition, you have access to almost all professional tools that can be used in video editing. You can add multiple layers to edit your videos. This app also features a large number of bitmaps and vectors. It will be effortless to edit your videos by adding different layers of pictures, texts, graphics, and stickers. The best thing about this app is that you don’t need a high-end PC to make this app work.

Features of Alight Motion Alight Pro Motion

Features of Alight Motion


CapCut is a video editor, a popular app where you can edit your videos by adding multiple layers, just like with images. This app has stunning features like auto-captioning, background effects, transitions and animations. This app is used mainly by social media content creators to make short videos like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, And Instagram Reels. Furthermore, you can also share your project directly with social media apps. Adding different animations and transitions can give your videos a professional look. Also, you can export your project into different formats to make it easy to post on different platforms.

Features of Adobe Capcut Alight Pro Motion

Features of CapCut

  • Built-in Templates
  • Collage Maker
  • Speed Control
  • Time Lapses
  • Visual Effects
  • Voiceovers
  • Huge Music Library
  • Built-in Sound Effects
  • Transitions
  • Trim and Splits
  • User Friendly Interface

Alight Motion vs CapCut: Key Differences

FeaturesAlight MotionCapCut
InterfaceComplex InterfaceEasy-to-use Interface
Multiple Layers SupportYesYes
TransitionsLimitedDozens of animations
Filters and EffectsLimitedWide range of Filters & Effects
Audio EditingYesYes
Speed ControlYesYes
Chroma Key AnimationYesYes
TemplatesLimitedDozens of Built-in Templates
Collage MakerNoYes
PlatformsAndroid & iOSAndroid & iOS

Alight Motion vs CapCut: Pros and Cons

Now, we will talk about the pros and cons of these two apps i.e., Alight Motion vs CapCut to determine the winner in the ‘Alight Motion vs CapCut’ showdown.

Pros & Cons of Alight Motion


  • You can have full access of advanced animations
  • You can manage Multiple layers at a single time
  • You have full access to wide range of visual effects
  • Vector and Bitmaps Support
  • Chroma key Animations
  • Multiple Export Options
  • Chroma Key Animations


  • Difficulty in Learning Curves
  • Limited templates
  • Limited Filters and Effects
  • Limited tools and features in free version

Pros & Cons of CapCut


  • Easy to use Interface
  • Multi-layer Support
  • Built-in Music and Sounds
  • Huge library of Effects and Filters
  • Texts and Typography
  • Social media Integration
  • Speed Control Options
  • Collage Maker


  • Watermark in Free version
  • Lack of Keyframe Animation
  •  Limited Features in free version
  • Resources Intensive


You can use Alight Motion free of cost just for basic editing and by using essential tools. But, in terms of professional tools, you must buy its premium subscription.

CapCut is a free-to-use app, but its free version has many limitations and a watermark. You must purchase its premium subscription to unlock its full version with no limitations.

No, there is no official desktop application for Alight Motion. However, you can install it on your PC by installing Android Emulators Like BlueStacks.

Yes, now CapCut has officially launched a desktop version that you can download directly from the Microsoft Store.


That’s all for this article on Alight Motion vs CapCut. In summary, both of these apps are best for video editing. You can easily edit your videos according to your choice. But, if you want to edit your videos like a professional with professional editing tools and features, We suggest you select Alight Motion because it supports multiple-layer editing like professional video editing software and makes your work more convenient.

There’s also a mod version of Alight Motion which provides all the premium features for free. On the other hand, if you are a social media content creator and want to create short videos to post on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Then, we suggest you select CapCut for this purpose. You can easily create short videos on CapCut in a short period.

Now, selecting the app that meets your requirements is up to you.

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